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Plain socks worked toe up in Opal Hundertwasser. I really like knitting socks this way: they look just like traditional socks but there are virtually no holes anywhere such as are often found in top down socks. And there’s no danger of running out of yarn, of course,

There were a couple of false starts for these: my father in law’s health problems cause his feet to swell and I was afraid to make them too small. So, the first try was too big. Let’s hope these fit, because he’s a man who loves his hand knit socks to bits and he hasn’t had a new pair in quite a while.

enid close up

I have lots of little news, but no time to write much about them in detail…

I actually finished something for myself! The pullover version of enid has been on the needles since February, but work knitting delayed its completion. I’m wearing it now, although it isn’t technically done and there’s still a hem to be added.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for my father in law and I’m pretty happy with them. He’s a fairly tall man, so I’m knitting them toe up but without using short rows as I prefer a traditional heel.

The front staircase is coming along well and no longer looks like the passageway to illicit activity – the upper half of the wall has been repaired and painted (the lower half is covered with the original anaglypta), and the steps have been stripped, stained and varnished. It smells like the devil in here.

Finally: first they called me Vnik, then Véronik but Amazon finally spelled my name right. Be still my beating heart: it’s at the printers!

Marcel readying himself for 'The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine'

Mona and I are off on a yarn related road trip, but I have an assignment for you in the meantime: let me know in the comments what kind of tutorial you’d like to see here. I’ll also be able to post short clips (possibly Ipod ready), but no longer than 30 seconds for the time being. My camera’s pretty old by digital standards…

This is the scene outside my front door this morning:

My daughter is unimpressed, but I’m not surprised – I was born in Quebec and expect snow until May.

No matter. I’m really looking forward to this weekend because Marcel‘s play is opening tonight and daughter and I will attend on Saturday night. I *love* this play – it’s funny, sad and everything a comedy should be. You really should go.

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us were knitting together and the play came up in conversation. It turns out that Alison was in Montreal in 1995 and saw another production of it at McGill – the same production that I designed costumes for. Small world!

By the way, has anyone seen ‘Ugly‘ by Moon Zappa? It makes some of us look like we only have a passing interest in knitting, doesn’t it?

*literally: in April, do not take off a single thread.

You may have noticed a little upheaval lately: a post disappeared along with a comment or two. Last month, I decided that our web host was too tight a fit and looked for a new home. It went smoothly enough but there was an issue with our IMAP folders and I only changed my name servers about a week after doing the initial transfer.

Fascinating, eh?

Anyhow – it’s finally warm enough to willingly go outside and in our household, this means it’s time to tackle renos.

Poor House™ was built in 1909. We acquired it in 2001 from, shall we say, ‘questionable’ former owners. It had a few problems:

-it was heated by electricity, gas *and* oil.
-half of the basement had been converted into an apartment. To call this apartment dingy would be to compliment it: an animal lover lived there with a python and an assortment of furry animals. The queen size mattress fit three of the bedroom walls exactly. One room housed the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom (the bathroom was roughly the size of a closet).
-The scariest thing about the basement apartment wasn’t the snake. Get this: when we removed the washing machine from the kitchen, we found the main electricity panel behind it, about 10″ from the ground. There’s more! Someone has also tapped directly into the panel, bypassing the meter entirely.

I could go on. Suffice it to say that we have been busybusybusy every spring and summer both doing things to the house and attempting to convince contractors to come over and fix things. We’ve replaced windows, updated the electrical system, redone the roof, changed the water main, renovated a bathroom, refinished floors, taken out walls, had new walls built, painted endless surfaces, finished half the basement (the former snake’s abode) and stripped enough trim to permanently traumatize ourselves. To name a few.

We actually have a head start this year: a Manitoba Maple that was much too close to the house was already taken down last week and the staircase leading upstairs is currently shedding its likeliness to a crack den’s entrance. We’ll probably take care of the crumbling porch next.

Did this distract everyone sufficiently from the lack of knitting content? Actually, there should be some very soon: I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Lucy Neatby week on her day off and an interview is in the works…