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Old Orchard Beach - walking under the pier

That was way too short – I’d like to extend my most insincere thanks to the English Mtl school board, who saw fit to call the kids back to school today. I *should* be wandering around New England right now, not shuffling around the house in my sweatpants.

That being said, we did have a great time. Saw some friends, met new ones, had an awesome lobster meal by the ocean, wandered around Portland, visited a museum, shopped, bought new books, walked on the beach, visited yarn stores, etc, etc…

Not bad for 4 days away.

While Princess’ vacation has been cut short, mine isn’t quite over. But I will take a break from watching SATC (season 6, part 2) long enough to blog about a shorter Silver Streak and how to add a buttonhole. Tomorrow. Muswell is calling.

Muswell Wip

Quick, because I’m about to go on vacation!

-it’s official: the book is shipping; a trusted source has received her copy.
-Mary, I will get around to those silver streak refinements, but anybody who wants to cast on immediately (you must have air conditioning, that’s all I have to say…) can start with the back or the sleeves. I’ll write up a little page about the grafted buttonhole and casting on for the front bands when I return. Making it shorter is also fairly straightforward.
-Kim, yesterday’s bag is a sportsac: it’s a style called ‘every day deluxe bag’ and the pattern is named ‘pink lizard’. This particular pattern is discontinued, but I got mine off ebay.
-Isa, a lot of my older patterns are still available: there are some in IK back issues, as well as both of Melanie Falick’s most recent books. One of these days (yes, I’ve been saying that a lot), I’ll have an online portfolio.
-Wannietta‘s got the right idea; I think the next sock recipienrt will be chosen according to foot size. I guess that means the toddlers will be getting new socks soon.

And yes, Muswell will get another ear. I was so impatient to see his little head take shape, that I had to sew it on right away.

Most of my non secret knitting is of the boring variety – like many, I keep a sock on the go in my purse*. Apart from that, personal knits aren’t usually allowed; I’m afraid that I’ll lack the discipline to work knit if there’s an alluring project calling my name. But last night, I was in a rebellious mood and cast on a private project: Muswell by my friend Jennie Eveleigh Lamond. Pictures will follow when there’s something worth photographing.

Apart from that, I’ve been told thee book is shipping. But is it? Mars ordered a copy back in June from (no dot ca; we know it takes longer for the Canadians to get books)and it still hasn’t shipped: it hasn’t even moved past the ‘open order’ stage yet. Does anyone have an actual physical copy?

*takes me forever to finish a pair, though: Mars wears a 12 and I almost work at home. Since I only work on these while away from home or work, it takes the time it takes.

I’m not kidding: I’m going to write a real post of of these days. In the meantime…

I have a design in the new Vogue; I took some photos of it before sending it off, which can be found here. The pattern itself is available for free! there. I know it’s little hot out to consider making it, but I’ve got a couple of little refinements to add if anyone is interested.

I’m now on Ravelry. My username is Veronik.

Since I only have one book signing scheduled thus far, it seems a little presumptuous to set up a ‘Tour’ page. But I’ll be at Stitches East and I’m very excited! Details to follow…

Princess can hardly believe it, but I’m knitting her a new sweater – the first one since she lost the Debbie Bliss gansey from How to Knit’ in 2000. It’s based on one she models in the book, but I’ll probably be making changes to it. A poll may be needed, as I can’t seem to make up my mind on a couple of things.