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I’ve had a few requests for a more formal pattern for the neck warmer, but I don’t have time for a “real” pattern so I’ll share my notes.

I used Lamb’s Pride in color m10 “Creme” and 3.75mm needles (us 5). 108113 stitches were cast on, and there are 2 garter stitches at either end. I don’t have my neck warmer handy today, but it’s probably about 5.5 sts to the inch.

On the 6th row, I made an eyelet buttonhole 4 stitches from the edge (yo, k2tog or p2tog, depending on the pattern). I knit into this yarnover on the return row *but*, knit into the yarnover again (and the stitch above it) on the next right side row in order to enlarge the buttonhole.

The buttonholes were repeated every 10th row 3 times more. I worked a further 6 rows and bound off using the stem stitch method. The buttons are vintage and made of leather – they’re about 1/2″ in diameter. The buttonholes are a little tight, but I usually slip it over my head anyhow.

Time to get back to work on the website… stay tuned for a re-design!

It’s starting to look as if I only knit small things, doesn’t it? I don’t – I have a bunch of projects on the go. Some are secret, others just don’t look like much at the moment. Do you want to see a plain stockinette back? I didn’t think so.

For cold weather, I prefer a neck warmer to a scarf. It stays put, can be pulled up to cover the nose and is ideal for small children because it’s inherently safe. And it’s quick to knit. Mine’s little more than a swatch with buttonholes – I used a pattern from one of Barbara Walker’s treasuries(#1, Pinnacle Chevron on pg 26), cast on 113 sts(2 garter+(mult of 18+1)+2 garter sts). I added a first buttonhole after 6 rows, then 3 more every 10 rows. That’s it, that’s all.

The timing is pretty good – it is *chilly* here today with a temperature of -13 (-9 Fahrenheit) and ‘feels like -21(-6). Good thing the Ariadne girls have a fireplace!

This is shaping up to be another season where all my design choices are dictated by how cold I am. I am ‘frileuse’*, and cold winters in an old house call for fuzzy layers. It used to be worse – I lived in an Old Montreal loft in the early nineties and one winter was particularly harsh. The pipes in the loft below burst on boxing day, and the firemen came to the rescue (not that anyone complained about that!). The building was so badly insulated, you could actually see outside through cracks in the brick… But it was cheap, and we had oodles of space for set and costume design.

So. The mittens are done, but the pattern isn’t. I have a deadline to attend to first, and will cast on a simple cozy sweater this weekend. All of my secret projects demand some thought, so it’ll be nice to have a little stockinette piece on the go. Actually, not too little – I’m cold.

*sensitive to the cold; I don’t know of an equivalent english word – do you?