Beret Gaufre

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 26 comments

Thank you so much, everyone: I’m very happy you like Oblique and appreciate very much all of your comments.

The beret pattern is all done, but I need to warn you that while I’m pretty sure the pattern is correct, I still wish I had a better photo(better pattern formatting wouldn’t hurt, either). The ones I have are ok, but they’re pretty bland. I might re-shoot if I get the opportunity.

The first thing you’ll notice is that a fairly small needle is called for, despite the weight of the yarn; I wanted this beret to keep its shape well, so opted for a firm fabric. I often have a hard time with hats – I wear glasses and usually find the combination goofy looking. Oona, on the other hand, can put anything on her head and look good. Must be her father’s genes.

I also found that I couldn’t quite decide which side to use as the ‘right’ one. The broken rib shows off the spiraling well, but I also love the waffle texture on the other side. So, I decided to make it reversible by adding an I-cord to the wrong side.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much all I have to say about it. I hope you like it!

(free pattern)

EDIT: pattern revised Wednesday, November 28th 2007; please download again if your copy is older… thanks!

  • http://none Dodie Reed

    I really like the beret. I think it will look great on a couple of my daughters. Thanks for letting us enjoy it. Dodie aka Yarnwench

  • judy

    i think there is a typo in your increase row? i think it should be k3, m1, instead of k3, p1? it’s a darling hat…

  • nicole

    Merci Veronik!!! J’adore les gaufres!

    Another great, classic pattern from you. I can’t decide if I should cast on for Oblique or the beret first.

  • kim

    I love this hat! Thank you for making it available to everyone.

  • meg

    thank you for making this available, veronik. this is a great pattern. i’m adding it to my queue!

  • Amber

    Thanks for the pattern! I’ve suddenly developed a huge obsession with berets and can’t get enough of them. I normally can’t pull off a hat with my big ol’ head, but there is something just a little more chic about a beret!

  • karen

    thanks for both patterns…i’m also really enjoying your book!

  • Amy

    The beret looks lovely! I’ve added it to my queue and I can’t wait to make it. Thanks so much for writing up the pattern!

  • Veronik

    Judy’s right about that typo… it should have been M1 instead of p1 on the increase round. It’s fixed now.

  • Julie

    That’s a gorgeous beret! Love the stitch.

  • Isa

    Bravo! I can’t beleive you did it again, with oblique and the béret! And there is Colette pull over too in this winter IK… Now I wish I had several pairs of arms and hands because I can’t keep up! Seriously, I love your choice of stitches, the way you combine them, the shape you give to your garnements, everything. I am curious, what is your favorite stitch book ? Thanks for your beautiful work.

  • merete

    this beret is so chic. i love it. i want it. now. oh dear. you book looks amazing as well and i will buy it soon.
    cheers from copenhagen.

  • Wendy

    Looks wonderful! My sister asked me for a beret yesterday. She’s tiny, so I think I’ll follow your pattern, but with a DK weight. Fingers crossed. . .

  • Tara

    Lovely beret! I just might have to end up sporting this hat this winter! Also, I am new to your blog, and I just have to say that your book looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!

  • Emma

    So classic chic!!! Thanks for giving us this great pattern! I am going to do mine in white or green! I am so excited! xo

  • Carson

    Well, I love it
    (which should be apparent after the amount of annoying hassling I’ve been giving you lately about the pattern! ) and personally I can’t wait to cast on.

  • Ingrid

    I love this beret, and love your book. I have just had some Kidsilk Haze delivered for the over t-shirt!

  • Jennifer

    Great hat! Definately something I’d consider…if I didn’t, you know, look stupid in hats.

    The cardigan on the other hand…wow. Like I need something else to want to cast on!

  • Kika

    Thanks so much for the Beret Gauffre…! I have also knit the Basque in Plum cashmere and I love it love it love it and it gets a lot of wear. Oh and I wonder if you could share the source for lettering of Colette Cat Quote please (or maybe post the chart if I’m not asking too much … )? I’ve seen the pics on Ravelry and I.MUST.KNIT.IN.THAT.QUOTE in that font exactly. And what would it be in French? Please…

  • Dr. Steph

    It’s very pretty. Like you, all my hats look good on the kid, but so so dorky on me. I’m going to try this one and hope it works.

    At least the knitting will be fun.

    And, I know I’ve told you in person, but I want to say it again, I love your book. I’ve already queued a bunch of patterns on Ravelry.

  • j

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern! It’s a beautiful beret- very creative twist.

  • Mary

    Lovely! Thanks for making this a free pattern! :-)

  • Orb

    what a lovely hat! Thank you so much :)

  • Ani

    I’m trying to download the pattern of the Gaufre beret but only the picture gallery shows up. May I still get it?

  • Sis

    Unable to download free pattern from Ravelry…sent to your site…only picture available when clicking on Download(free pattern). Any suggestions and can I stll get this pattern? Love it.

  • http://none Dottie Blair

    As I look back (finally) on your blog, I realized how old the offer was on the beret. Sorry I have taken up your time. (I would still like the pattern because I look like a dork, dufus, etc., with a stocking hat.