Chevron Neck Warmer

Thursday, December 13th, 2007 15 comments

It’s starting to look as if I only knit small things, doesn’t it? I don’t – I have a bunch of projects on the go. Some are secret, others just don’t look like much at the moment. Do you want to see a plain stockinette back? I didn’t think so.

For cold weather, I prefer a neck warmer to a scarf. It stays put, can be pulled up to cover the nose and is ideal for small children because it’s inherently safe. And it’s quick to knit. Mine’s little more than a swatch with buttonholes – I used a pattern from one of Barbara Walker’s treasuries(#1, Pinnacle Chevron on pg 26), cast on 113 sts(2 garter+(mult of 18+1)+2 garter sts). I added a first buttonhole after 6 rows, then 3 more every 10 rows. That’s it, that’s all.

The timing is pretty good – it is *chilly* here today with a temperature of -13 (-9 Fahrenheit) and ‘feels like -21(-6). Good thing the Ariadne girls have a fireplace!

  • Kadi

    Wow that’s gorgeous!

  • Kylie

    That is a beautiful neck warmer and I think you’ve inspired me to make one. My scarf just rolls up and lets the wind in. Well, any excuse to go through the Barbara Walker treasuries, right? i wish I was up in Montreal despite the cold- I’d love to come to that open house at Ariadne. They’re so funny. I’ll put them on my list to visit when I’m up there next.

  • mindy

    Ohhhh, very nice.

  • Carol

    Did my comment get eaten? It is lovely and I am wondering what the yarn is. Also, I would like to see a picture of a plain stockinette back, please.

  • Tracy

    Very rich looking.. I love it.. what yarn did you use, and how much?

  • kim

    This is just lovely. So simple and elegant.

  • Ada Lai

    What a wonderful idea! This is especially great for those of us in Northern California where we just need a little something in the winter evenings when the sun goes down. This is something that can be easily stuffed into a purse or backpack. I also love the idea of making it from swatches of stitch patterns I want to play with. Gosh, I love your work!! You are SOOO inspiring!

  • Sarah

    Is that Malabrigo? It looks lovely and squooshy! The buttons are a great contrast.

  • Deborah Newton

    What a lovely gift this would make– is there time before the holidays?! You come up with these little objects of perfection… I am in admiration.

  • sweetgeorgia

    Beautiful! And so quick to make… very, very appealing.

  • Romi

    This is wonderful! I really love it. :)

  • DaVida

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! I hate scarves, but because of the strong, cold winds, I am in need of having something around my neck. Unfortunately, I don’t knit well. Any suggestions on how to crochet something similar? I have very, very strong crocheting skills and very, very poor knitting skills (despite having taken a couple of classes). I also think this is good for both genders!!!

  • Veronik

    My crocheting skills are pretty poor, but this is just a rectangle with buttonholes at one end. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I am at crocheting knows of a similar stitch pattern?

  • Nancy Quan

    I am tryimg to knit the latvian mitts and gloves from your book. What technique did you use for jogless jog? I have completed one mitt and I used the technique of slipping the first stitch of the round when I complete the round before staring a new color. I probably did not do it very well since it mitt does not look good. Also,what can I do to prevent the top of the mitt from curling? he mitt is beautiful and I want to knit it successfully. I am ready to frog and reknit.

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