Happy Birthday, Honey!

Friday, November 2nd, 2007 16 comments

My princess

My darling Oona is turning 11 today; she’s grown a lot, but she hasn’t lost that winning smile (click on her baby pic to see it today).

Love you, sweetie. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • http://www.goknitinyourhat.blogspot.com Carol

    Wow — I love the baby picture. She looks like Marcel in it more — but more like you now!

    She is gorgeous.
    Well, with that gene pool, how could she not be?

    Happy, happy birthday, Oona!!!!

  • http://www.veronikavery.com Veronik

    Thanks! I hope that many of will take your lead and send her birthday wishes – it would make her very happy.

  • http://www.knitstricken.blogspot.com Mona

    Dear Oona,

    alles Gute zum 11. Geburtstag!! (of course that means “happy 11th birthday”, didn’t you guess?)

  • http://whistlepeaknits.wordpress.com/ Amy

    It was so nice meeting you on Tuesday Veronik!

    Happy Birthday Oona!

  • mindy

    Happy, Happy Birthday Oona! (and you too, Mom!) Love the pictures, a darling baby and a beautiful young lady.

    Wishing you guys a fantastic, happy day.

  • Oona

    Thank you everyone, I hope you have a good day too!

  • Isa

    Happy birthday and Joyeux anniversaire Oona! Hope you are having a fun day and you had a good halloween too.

  • http://www.theknittingvault.com Fredda

    Happy birthday, Oona. Have a fabulous day!

    BTW, beautiful baby and lovely girl.

  • http://www.kategilbert.com kate


  • Laura

    Happy Birthday Oona!

  • http://dogsstealyarn.com/ Cari

    Happy belated birthday, Oona!

  • http://brainylady.blogspot.com alison

    Happy belated birthday, Oona! I hope you had a great day and a fun party.

  • http://www.no2108.canalblog.com karen à Toronto

    avec un peu de retard “bon anniversaire !!”

    MA Oona aura 5 ans le 25 novembre ;o)

  • http://breadandcirculars.blogspot.com kathy

    What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to Oona!

  • http://www.emmadavida.com Emma

    Such a lovely young lady! Happy Belated Birthday Oona! You are a great knitwear model for your mom! xo

  • http://www.jeloca.com Jennifer

    There’s no way that lady in the photo is Oona! I last saw her when I was still pregnant and I came by your place one night…she was still a girl! That “now” photo is so grown up and so pretty…oy she’s a young lady already. Happy belated birthday Oona!