I need a new head

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 14 comments

No, not my own… at least, not really. This one; I bought it at a store called Rossy on St-Catherine eons ago and used it to hold up wigs and hats back when I used to sew for the stage. I’m pretty sure the day-glo orange spray paint is attributable to a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado. Are there any milliners out there who can recommend a new ‘head’? I’ve seen canvas blocks in a costume shop before, but I’ve never seen one for sale.

Anyhow… the beret’s all done, as is the pattern, which I’ll upload it in a day or two. In the meantime,you can see its details here.

  • http://shadowdancer.typepad.com/blog Helen

    I have a glass head that I bought from… pier one I think. It might have been someplace like Hobby Lobby or World Market, but I’m pretty sure it was pier one.
    You can’t pin things to it, but it has worked wonderfully as a hat model for me. (and it doesn’t mind if things are still damp when you put them on it.

  • http://www.poppysseeds.com Natasha Heredia

    What a great beret! I look forward to trying it out for myself. Winter has arrived here in Ontario, Canada and I need as many hats as I can get!
    Also just want to say how happy I am I found your blog! I’ve always admired your designs in Vogue knitting and others, but just found the link to the blog from your pattern on Knitty.
    Looking forward to good times!

  • http://www.ariadneknits.com mary j

    the picture of your head reminds me of an exhibition i studied in university called “lick and lather” by Janine Antoni

    a row of busts made of chocolate and a row made of soap face each other. i believe visitors were encouraged to touch and, well, taste.

    you can see a picture of it here: http://www.pbs.org/art21/slideshow/?slide=142&artindex=44

    the nose of your head, and how it is worn reminded me of the slides i watched in the warm, darkened theatre. it had extra comfy seats. though most of the time, he art was so interesting, it wasn’t hard to stay awake. hope to see you soon.

  • http://rosemarygoround.blogspot.com Romi

    I *love* your new Knitty pattern! You are so talented. :gush: :)

  • http://shetlandtrader.blogspot.com/ Gudrun

    Fantastically chic beret…really like it!

  • http://andreateje.blogspot.com Andrea

    Oblique is great! I want to cast on right now.

  • http://subwayknitter.com colleen

    What a great beret! Can’t wait for the pattern.

  • http://www.skrillaknits.blogspot.com Cirilia

    I covet–COVET–the Pucci heads designed by Anna Sui.


    And at the bottom of this page:


    Sigh. I could probably justify it, I knit a lot of hats…

  • http://faeriecrafty.blogspot.com Angela

    Hi Veronik,

    A few years ago i got a head at Value Village (village des valeurs) around halloween, I’m not sure if they have them around here, but if so they might still have some left from halloween.

  • http://www.wendysweewoolies.com Wendy (Wee Woolies)

    Hi Veronik,
    LOVE the beret! BTW Rossy still sells the heads (about $4 each)…there is one on Chemin Chambly near Cegep Edouard-Montpetit on the South Shore ;-)

  • http://beadknitter.blogspot.com beadknitter

    I’ve bought styrofoam heads that are used for displaying wigs at beauty supply stores. They were only a few dollars. Look in the yellow pages.

    The beret is lovely.

  • Colette

    The Knitty pattern is lovely, as is the beret. Beautiful work! This is my first visit to your site. I will be back.

  • mindy

    Very nice. (the beret and live head, not the other- though it is interesting)

  • http://www.jeloca.com Jennifer

    There’s a place on Cote de Liesse a few blocks down from the bowling alley (Laurentian Lanes) that sells used and second hand furniture from offices and businesses. When I was there last they had a wall of black felt demo heads and hands and necks. If you want I can probably find the name or number.

    There is also Displetech (http://www.displetech.com) on Gince street I think that sells all the stuff stores use for displays. I’ve been to their place before…Lots of heads, bodies, dummies, etc…