• http://www.jeloca.com Jennifer

    Oh no- Your yarn threw up!

  • mindy


    (lotsa hugs)

  • Laura

    What a mess. Let’s hope that it gets better.

  • http://soupgirls.typepad.com/knittingtheblues Teresa C

    Me too. I just ripped back to the start of the yoke on my Ski Jacket. Oh well.

  • http://www.queerjoe.com QueerJoe

    This looks like a lovely opportunity to do more knitting.


  • Isa

    Anyway it is a very nice picture.

  • http://www.needlesedge.blogspot.com Carson

    What Isa said.
    Hope the shoulder gets better.

  • http://physicsknits.blogspot.com connie

    Sympathies. I hope it’ll get back on track soon! :)