Thursday, November 8th, 2007 48 comments

Wow! There’s quite a bit more traffic here than usual today. Hi and, welcome! I hope you’ll take a moment to leave me a comment and browse through my past entries.

Be sure to subscribe, too – the beret pattern will be available soon and I have extra copies of the book for which I’ll hold a contest.

Ok, that’s enough shameless blog promotion. I’m so embarrassed.

  • http://kimtimnashville.typepad.com/craftykim/ Kim U

    I didn’t realize you had a blog until I saw it today in Knitty! Thanks for the oblique pattern, it looks wonderful.

  • http://chronicennui.typepad.com kim

    I love that beret! Simple and beautiful!

  • http://minisoup.blogspot.com Kate

    Hi, I wanted to leave a comment b/c I love your designs and your style. I have to say, that the moment i saw Oblique, I mentally searched my stash. I have the yarn I need and I am ready. And from all the “pluses” out there, thank you for designing classic, beautiful sweaters and accessories (in the range of sizes!) for all to wear and enjoy. I will most definitely be coming by more often!

  • http://knitting40shadesofgreen.typepad.com Jasmine

    hmm, I never thought to leave a comment. I figured a famous designer like you would be drowning in comments. Thanks for the great designs — I have been a fan ever since I knit salt peanuts.

  • Marilyn Southern

    Knitity.com sent me your “Oblique” pattern as well as a link to your website. I looked at the pattern, loved the design, and then I thought…I bet this won’t be in my size. To my surprise, it is!! I am so excited. I’ll look forward to more news from you. In the meantime, I’m going to gather my yarn and needles. Thank you so much.

  • rams

    And thank you, too, for never confusing the terms “classic” and “boring.”

  • http://marydotmusic.livejournal.com Mary

    I’ve had Silver Streak in my queue forever and now Oblique too… I really like your description for Oblique and that’s what drew me to it. I work in a casual environment and there’s usually too much air conditioning in the building! Both Silver Streak and Oblique will be perfect!

    Do you have anymore refinements to Silver Streak? Thanks again for the notes about shortening it, but did you mention something about adding a buttonhole in a previous post?

    Thanks again. I love your work. Every time a new pattern comes out and I want to knit it, I’m not surprised that it’s you (again!) that has designed it. Keep ‘em coming!

  • http://vaedri.blogspot.com Kirstie

    Hello! I’ve heard/seen your name all over in the blog world, but never realised that you had a blog until I saw your lovely pattern in Knitty. Thanks for the pattern and the inspiration!

  • http://wendeleneswools.blogspot.com wendelene

    I’m now torn between Oblique and Silver Streak from VK. Such a wonderful dilema, and the kicker is that if I really can’t decide, I’ll just make both! A girl can never have too many cardis (at least around this office!)
    Your book is at the top of my Christmas list.

  • http://naptimeknits.blogspot.com Rachel

    I also love the wrap. Do you have any suggestions for other yarns that would be suitable? Worsted, chunky, fibers, etc?!

  • http://www.jordanapaige.com Jordana

    Hi Veronik,

    Really great design! It’s very attractive.

  • http://www.reluctantmango.blogspot.com reluctantMANGO

    I’ve been a lurker for several months now, and was so pleased to see your design for Oblique! It’s a beautiful sweater, and I’ll have fun stash-diving this weekend for an appropriate yarn to make it with :)

  • http://teamknit.blogspot.com Julie

    That’s beautiful! I love the colour.
    It’s funny, i figured that you would have tons of comments, because designers blogs are usually so….. heavily trafficked. it’s a good thing you have a stats counter or you’d never know just how many of us were out there, keeping quiet!

  • http://trinilove.typepad.com toya

    I love it, the geometric design is so trendy

  • http://www.manosylanas.blogspot.com Paula460

    I’m absolutely in love with this design of you. I’m so happy I can let you know how much I admire your work.

  • http://whistlepeaknits.wordpress.com Amy

    Isn’t this the design that I commented on last week in your office. It looks even better than it did on paper!

  • http://www.whatswanniettaknittingtoday.blogspot.com Wannietta

    It’s perfect! I’m totally going to find time to make this for myself.

  • http://brainylady.blogspot.com alison

    Beautiful photos with this (lovely!) pattern. You’re multi-talented! Don’t be embarrassed! ;)

  • http://kittenyarnsandcrafts.blogspot.com Shelley

    The cardigan looks fabulous! First time to you blog but I am going to bookmark it and will be back again!

  • http://purelaine.typepad.com Deborah

    Toutes mes félicitations pour ce modèle, Véronik! Et mille mercis! En tant que travailleur autonome, je le mets immédiatement dans le haut de ma liste de projet!

  • http://physicsknits.blogspot.com connie

    The traffic is justly deserved. This latest pattern is gorgeous (like all of your others). Your designs are always so fresh, yet very wearable. It looks so very very cozy. I’m trying to see what yarns I have in my stash might be appropriate.

    Congrats! :)

  • christina

    I was just thinking earlier today what I could knit for myself. You see I am expecting my third child next year so I am having a hard time finding something to knit. It must sound funny, but I am trying to be practical considering my physical state/shape. I wanted something open in the front that I could wear at home. Of course something stylish! I opened up Knitty and guess what I saw? I really love it and can’t wait to start. Such perfect timing! I really enjoy your work!

  • http://kneedles.blogspot.com/ robin

    Whoa! A knitting related anti-spam word.

    Anyway, the Oblique pattern is lovely.

  • http://goodkarmago.blogspot.com Karma

    Veronik, I’m a big fan and have been subscribing for ages. I’m so thrilled to see another one of your designs up at Knitty! It’s beautiful. I wonder if you can tell us a bit about how much ease you were imagining this sweater having. It looks lovely on the model but I think I would like it to be a bit more fitted for my shape. Any thoughts? Thank you for another winning design.

  • http://www.knit-alonglittledoggie.typepad.com Cambria

    you do really beautiful work! i’ll be looking out for your book at my LYS. stylish and practical. i love it.

  • http://tygerlotus.blogspot.com/ thursday

    This is a lovely pattern! I wish I had money for more yarn…well, and I wish I could knit faster so that I could get to this while it is still cold here…. ok, it hasn’t gotten cold yet.

    Still hoping to make your dollar-and-a-half cardigan, too!

  • http://sulal.wordpress.com sulafaye

    Hmm, you’ve put quite a dilemma before me… silver streak or oblique? Maybe both at the same time, and no Christmas knitting! (I also have your Shocking! skirt on the needles, but we won’t tell anyone, will we?). Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  • http://www.butternutwoolens.com shelly whitman

    Wow, I’m glad to find your blog Veronik, you’re one of my favortie designers. I’m excited to see your stuff on Knitty, Oblique is beautiful! Your designs are always my first choices to knit in Interweave Knits.

  • Kim

    Thank you so much for Oblique. I absolutely cannot wait to cast on. I must wait for the yarn to arrive which is a good thing. I’ve a ton of holiday knitting to do. I love your designs for their timelessness and well written instructions. OK, end of blog crush ;)

  • http://starrystarryknit.blogspot.com Justine

    Oblique is a sweater worth breaking a yarn diet for! I’m buying the wool tomorrrow – can’t wait!

    I’m a big fan of your designs but I didn’t realise that you had a blog until yesterday. Congratulations on such a brilliant design!

  • http://www.createdbychancy.blogspot.com Chancy

    I LOVE Oblique. It’s beautiful.

  • beth ann

    Love “Oblique”! Thanks for including the variety of sizes.

  • Joan

    I’d have been over sooner if I’d had your address– Knitty sent me over, too! I too thank you for the wide variety of sizes in the lovely Oblique pattern! You’re going in my “centre des favoris”!

  • Laura Sue

    I am here from Knitty, too. A year ago while in NYC I bought a cone of a gorgeous cashmere cabled yarn from Karabella’s store. For a year I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern for it; and just last night I was reviewing the gauge of my swatch. I do believe I’ve found that perfect pattern in Oblique–even my gauge matches! Your designs are always awesome–but you’ve outdone your awesome self. I will definitely put you on my feeds (and don’t be embarrassed about asking!). Need to finish a thing or two that are on the needles, but I do believe that this one will get made–and in cashmere yet!

  • http://www.anxiousdog.com Kate

    Delurking to say hello! I love your work and immediately queued this so that I could make it for my mother. I think she will LOVE it.

  • http://www.nakedknitters.com/wordpress Amber

    Just lovely. Man, I love how you combine stitch patterns! Seriously inspirational =)

  • Trudy

    Hi I am also here from Knitty. Love Oblique. Just purchased your book and highly recommend it. I wil also be stash diving this weekend. Keep up the great work.

  • http://tricotandoeandando.blogspot.com/ Ana

    I loved Oblique! It’s perfect for the embarassing hot winters we have here in Brasil. I will start knitting it soon, for next year! (winter down here is on july).Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

  • mindy

    Ya did it again! Just when I thought I had a handle on what I’m currently knitting and dreaming of knitting- you go and upset the cart! Oblique is gorgeous- and now I just need to free up some needles…

  • http://inkysticks.blogspot.com Sandra

    Thank you for this gorgeous design! I can’t wait to cast on.

  • Debra

    I came here from Knitty too – love the sweater, I am a big cardigan fan. I am finishing one now that is crocheted and knitted. I have seen your work in IK and always thought it was lovely and modern but totally wearable. Not sure if I will knit this I have a lot of gifts to get working on but will be on my radar.

  • katie

    Just writing to say “hi”. I have long been a fan of your work. I admire your mad skills! I love your new book and your blog. Cheers!

  • Rachel

    I’ve just found Oblique on Knitty and wanted to say thank you for the wonderful pattern. Interesting stitch patterns in loads of sizes. Just perfect.

  • Tonia

    Love it, love it, love it. I will cast on for this as soon as the company leaves on Sunday.

  • Linda B

    I really love this sweater !!

    Beautiful !

  • stephanie

    I think I’ve finally found a sweater that I want to knit – thanks for oblique!

  • http://samlatricoteuse.canalblog.com SamLaTricoteuse

    Hi Veronik
    I thought I would see you at Ariadne… last weekend but… anyway..
    I have started Oblique in Blue Sky Alpaca Suri (pale pink – I believe it’s called Dawn). I have started a sleeve to act as swatch.. not sure if I will finish now (with the warm weather but this is definitely my best piece for MOI)… I wondered if by any chance you would have charted the different pattern stitches in Oblique.. I am not sure I want to do this (in case I screw this up) just thought that asking wouldn’t hurt :)

  • CSanders

    Hi Veronika —

    I love Oblique. I am hoping to start it soon. Is there an alternative yarn you might reccommend for the design that’s a little cheaper? Just thought I should check first just in case…