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Janice made my day by including me in her top 10 – I’ve never been tagged or otherwise included in anything like this before, so it meant a lot! Without further ado, here’s a toast to my top 10:

Mary and Molly Ann
The Mtl knits girls

I’ve been reading with great interest what everyone has been up to over the holidays, as well as all the resolutions out there. Ours was good, even if it was a little short, and we were a little sorry to see the tree go once ‘La fĂȘte des Rois’ had come and gone. I’m a little sorry we skipped baking a ‘galette’, especially after I found the paper crown a few days later.

I did take a few days off, but only a few: I’ve been working on a number of patterns for books and magazines, as well as for myself. The first – the pattern for the wallpaper mittens I made before christmas – just went up today. The shawl collared pullover will follow, as well as an updated ‘Shimmer Aran’ from the summer 2003 issue of Interweave Knits. Do let me know if there are any older patterns you’d like to see me update…

On a closing note, check out what Marcel gave me for Christmas:

The ultimate needle gauge! Am I geeky, or what?