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Wow. I guess there are more than 8 of you reading this blog! Either that or everybody googled Mountain Colors at once.

My birthday is coming up soon, so Mars took me to the museum yesterday for the preview of the Yves St-Laurent retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I really wish I could have taken more photographs – the exhibition catalogue looks good but there are no close up shots in any of it, and I often find the details more interesting than the whole. Some of these were just amazing – a beaded jacket made to look like a knitted cardigan, a dress whose abundant ruffles were neatly edged with a narrow zigzag stitches, a brightly wedding jacket suit with insets proclaiming ‘love me forever’… Mesmerizing. The wedding dress above was one of the few knitted items in the collection, but I still think visiting it is worthwhile to anyone interested construction and embellishment. I’m going back next week with my daughter, when there will be a screening of a documentary about YSL.

By the way, are any of you planning to attend TNNA? If so, please drop by the R&M West Coast Enterprises booth (# 100) on Saturday at 11 am. I’ll be signing copies of KCS and would love to say hi!

I know, I know: I’ve totally been neglecting this blog. You know the story, so I won’t be repeating it again.

Anyhow. When I was in Toronto last month, I noticed that a lot of knitters expressed interest in the yarn used for the Obi scarf in KCS. And no wonder – Mountain Goat (from Mountain Colors) is indeed fabulous, but rarely seen in Canada. I decided eye candy shots were in order and to take close ups for ravelry while I was it.

For some odd reason, this yarn was particularly difficult to photograph – the color balance was always off. What is in real life a pleasing cool red turned dayglo in the photographs. I wonder if the mohair is to blame…

Consider this the start of a series. To kick things off, let’s have a little giveaway: leave me a comment if you’d like to receive two skeins of Mountain Goat in the ‘Brick’ colorway. I’ll pick a winner on Monday, June 2nd.

Good luck!