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Lately, it seems every trip is preceded by a sewing session: booth elements for the Tnna booth and a case for my last local workshop. This time, I sat at the sewing machine once more so as to have my very own logo bag for Rhinebeck:

Why do I need a logo bag? So I’ll be easier to find. You see, Marcel and I have been busy winding and twisting a few hundred mini skeins in preparation for the festival. I plan on giving most of them away that weekend – if you see me and my big orange bag, come over for your skein.

You may have noticed I said ‘most’ – as I realize not everybody will be able to attend Rhinebeck, leave me a comment before Wednesday October 14th if you’d like a mini skein mailed to you. I’ll choose 25 (in the US or Canada) at random shortly thereafter.