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I returned from Philadelphia last night – I find it amazing that a trip which would take perhaps 7 and a half hours by car takes nearly 3 hours more by plane. It was supposed to take  4 hours less but my flights always seem to be delayed or cancelled if I don’t leave at the break of dawn.

Fortunately, all that waiting around means I was able to complete my blank mitten charts. I’m not sure where the design will take me yet so I began by drafting blank templates in Illustrator and, while I was at it, I drafted two additional sizes so others could design their own mittens and perhaps take on a stranded colour challenge for the Olympics. I’ve deliberately chosen a firm tension for these and added a little extra ease so that may be lined or worn over thinner layers (such as the inner mittens from  the most recent Twist Collective).

My gauge using 2.5 mm needles – which are really between size 1 and 2 US – is 8 sts and 9 rnds to an inch. As it stands, the charts here will result in mittens measuring approximately 7 1/4 (8, 8 3/4)” around by 8 1/2 (8 3/4, 9 1/4)” long when taking into account 62 (66, 70) stitches cast on and 76 (79, 82) rounds worked. If you decide to make these your olympic challenge, consider knitting a swatch first to find your tension in order to determine which chart you ought to use for your design – you may find a size smaller or larger is needed even if you’ve always considered your hands to be another size entirely.

Now that I have a canvas, I’m ready to begin filling in my design. Before I do, I’ll sketch out a few ideas. I’ll be back in a couple of days with some options – until then, I hope a few of you will find these charts useful.




I know, I know – two blog posts in two days?!? What is the world coming to?

When I think of Olympics and knitting, I immediately think of colour work. And since I happen to have yarn especially well suited to this technique *and* since the Olympics are taking place in Canada, it seems only logical that I would participate in some way. I can’t think of a better project for the occasion than a pair of mittens and you can trust me that these will be a challenge to complete with my current schedule.

First, I need to select two colours. Being Canadian, red is an obvious choice. But what about the contrast colour? White (bottom) is crisp and faithful to our flag, but champagne (right) softer and has a vintage feel, while oatmeal (left) takes it further to an antique look. However, silver (top) could also work – especially if the design ends up being more graphic.

(February 10th update – The poll is closed! Here are the results:
Champagne -44.6% (74 votes)
Oatmeal - 34.3% (57 votes)
Silver – 15.1% (25 votes)
White – 6% (10 votes)
total votes: 166)

Once my calculations are complete, I’ll be uploading a blank mitten chart here which may be used as a starting point for further mitten designs. I’ll announce it both here and on twitter once it’s ready.

I’m still too busy to *really* post, but I should probably tell you that I’ll out and about in public next Saturday from noon until 3 pm at Loop in Philadelphia:

I’ll have garments from the first issue and might hint at what you can expect this spring. I hope to see you there!