enid close up

I have lots of little news, but no time to write much about them in detail…

I actually finished something for myself! The pullover version of enid has been on the needles since February, but work knitting delayed its completion. I’m wearing it now, although it isn’t technically done and there’s still a hem to be added.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for my father in law and I’m pretty happy with them. He’s a fairly tall man, so I’m knitting them toe up but without using short rows as I prefer a traditional heel.

The front staircase is coming along well and no longer looks like the passageway to illicit activity – the upper half of the wall has been repaired and painted (the lower half is covered with the original anaglypta), and the steps have been stripped, stained and varnished. It smells like the devil in here.

Finally: first they called me Vnik, then Véronik but Amazon finally spelled my name right. Be still my beating heart: it’s at the printers!

  • http://crankyisgood.livejournal.com Daphne

    Oh! “The book is at the printer” is great news!

  • http://physicsknits.blogspot.com connie

    Ooooh! Looking forward to this one – the description sounds like just my cup of tea! Congrats. :)

  • http://dogsstealyarn.com/ Cari

    Your book! I can’t wait…

  • http://knitandrip.blogspot.com Devon

    That sweater is wonderful. I love the colors. What a fantastic job!!!

  • http://www.jeloca.com Jennifer

    That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see the book. p.s. I read through the description on Amazon and they state that, among others, your designs have been featured in “the webzine Knity.com.” That was the only typo I could find though. :)

  • http://princesspumpkin.blogspot.com/ Elaine

    Enid jumper looks just as good as the cardi! I love the colour combination. Can’t wait til the book comes out. Congrats!

  • http://www.goknitinyourhat.blogspot.com Carol

    Holy Crap! A book at the printers? This is wonderful news indeed.

    Now off to search the archives for the butt photo someone tipped me off about…

  • http://ishiki.net/kajin Kajin

    Félicitations pour la publication de ton livre! La version pull d’Enid est superbe – je crois que je la préfère à la version cardigan! Bravo! :-)

  • http://seedstitch.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I love the pullover version! That cardi has been on my “to knit” list since that issue came out.

  • http://brainylady.blogspot.com alison

    How come the book isn’t listed at Amazon.ca? Hmm?

  • http://supermitaines.blogspot.com K

    Congrats on the book being at the printers, I look forward to seeing it!

  • http://acunningplan.typepad.com Dr. Steph

    Hooray for the book! I’m so excited, but probably not nearly as excited as you.

    Enid looks fantastic.