As you no doubt surmised from my last post, the second issue of St-Denis magazine is now available. I was very fortunate that Pam, Kat, Jared, Laura, Melissa, Jennifer, Robin and Carol agreed to contribute designs to the issue. I uploaded photographs and details on Ravelry a few days ago.

When Jared mailed me the juneberry triangle, he mentioned that he’d like to see it knit up out of my new yarn, the fashionably late Boreale. That sounded like a plan so when a case of startitis hit a couple of ¬†weeks ago, I grabbed some yarn and got started.

The original is 48″ wide and 23″ deep – I wear shawls more like scarves and like to drape them, so decided to make mine larger. As it is knit from the top, the only change I really had to make was to keep knitting until it was about 12″ shorter than my desired depth. I didn’t even change the needle size!

The only thing slightly tricky about enlarging this pattern is that all 8 rows of the second chart must be knit before beginning the 3rd chart, as these are designed to flow from one to the other. As these represent 8 increases per repeat and the 3rd chart contains a 14 -st repeat, I couldn’t follow the pattern exactly as charted with all of these additional stitches. But that is easily remedied – chart 2 is worked over 7 sts and chart 3 and 4 over 14 sts so I only needed to delineate where to begin and end the repeats while working the edge sts in pattern as much as I could. The edge stitches ended up a little wonky and not quite symmetrical, but that doesn’t bother me.

BTW: I’m planning on being In Toronto for Knitter’s Frolic on May 8th – please drop by booth #40! I’ll have lots of magazines and books on hand as well as samples from both issues and from the book.


  1. Sharon 4 years ago

    Beautiful designs – how do I track down the magazine in Canada? (In Victoria, to be precise!)

  2. how can i get the magazine?!

  3. Laura 4 years ago

    Actually, I think the magazine is not yet available. I couldn’t find it at all on Classic Elite’s site or on various other sites that carried the first premier issue.

  4. Ali Pin the Qc 4 years ago

    RE Magazine availability: It is only available through participating retailers (those that are carrying St.Denis yarn). In Victoria I believe Beehive would be your best chance, if they’ve ordered it. Since its pretty hot off the presses, most of our past customer’s haven’t ordered it yet. Keep asking at your favourite LYS and maybe they’ll get on the St-Denis bandwagon. :oD
    As for the US availability, thats Classic Elites domain as US distributor. They should have it very soon.
    Veronik, I cannot believe you finished that shawl already!!! I’m not worthy!!!!

  5. Penny 4 years ago

    You can buy the magazine over on the Classic Elite Website!!! 18.95 usd

  6. christina wall 4 years ago

    Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful shawl! Now I’m really looking forward to the mag!

  7. Laura 4 years ago

    I searched again but was unable to find anything other than the first fall 2009 St Denis Magazine. I have emailed them to ask them if they have it and if so, where they are hiding it (unless I’m nearsighted :) ).

    Great patterns including of course, this wonderful shawl!

  8. Debbie 4 years ago

    I, too, cannot wait to find the magazine. I am not seeing it on Classic Elite.

  9. Lauren 4 years ago

    Gorgeous; absolutely gorgeous. There are so many patterns in the magazine, including this one, that I just have to make. It’s one of the best collections I have seen in a long time.

  10. ercsu27 4 years ago

    How can I get the magazine in Hungay, please??

  11. haleynagy 4 years ago

    It looks like the previous edition of St. Denis magazine is available on the Classic Elite site, but this edition is not. Will it be available for purchase online? Pretty please?

  12. M-H 4 years ago

    I’m terribly disappointed that Classic Elite apparently doesn’t ship to Australia! I hope that it will be possible for us to buy this magazine, or at least some of the patterns, online in the future.

  13. Anita 4 years ago

    I second M-H’s comment – I really wish we could get these magazines here in Australia. I’m a big fan of Jared Flood and I would LOVE to make the Juneberry shawl – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Aissa 4 years ago

    Those who are in Australia — you’re not alone. We can’t get the magazine in Europe as Classic Elite won’t ship outside North America. Such a shame :-(

  15. Author
    Veronik 4 years ago

    Classic Elite does not ship outside the United States, but plenty of others do: check http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/where_to_buy.php or http://stdenisyarns.com/blog/2009/yarn-update-and-canadian-retailers/ to find someone who does.

  16. Judith 4 years ago

    How much yarn did you use for the fingering weight Juneberry?

  17. Author
    Veronik 4 years ago

    I used less than three balls – 131 grams, to be exact. And it’s about 32″ deep by 60″ wide.

  18. Frankie Merkt 4 years ago

    Help! I’m having trouble getting chart 2 started. The first row is fine, but the second row has 2 extra stitches (I know this will happen), but as soon as it happens I lose the pattern. There is nothing there, but random holes. I”ve done it over several times and can’t seem to get it corrected.

    I don’t know why this is happening as the pattern has already been done in chart 1 and I had no trouble with that. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


  19. Frankie Merkt 4 years ago

    Is my face reeeed! I’m almost overcome with embarrassment, but I have to admit to being guilty of not reading the directions correctly. My apologies to both Jared Flood and Veronik.


  20. Betty Sinclair 4 years ago

    I am new to this website. Are the patterns for “Juneberry” and the sweater featered at the beginning that was designed by 7 different people included in this magazine?
    I would love to get these 2 patterns.

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