KCS – Fashion Mavens

One of my favorite things about Ravelry is the ability to see projects from books – I’ve been known to hesitate before purchasing a book because I didn’t know whether I’d like the projects enough to knit at least one (never mind that I rarely have time to knit for leisure; I buy new books regardless). So, I’ve uploaded photographs from my book(!) to it.
Not everyone’s on Ravelry, though. So for those who aren’t, here’s a gallery of Knitting Classic Style‘s first chapter, Fashion Mavens. And click on the thumbnails to check out my newly installed WP toy…

Reynolds SaucyLana Gatto VIPMuench TessinAdrienne Vittadini CeliaAdrienne Vittadini AllegraGrignasco CashmereReynolds Odyssey

Galleries for the other chapters will follow… soon. Really. (Edited to add: all done! Check out the sidebar for a full preview)

  • http://www.whatswanniettaknittingtoday.blogspot.co Wannietta

    It’s a totally cool toy!

    I just bought your book on the weekend Veronik. I’m so impressed with every project and the attention to detail is exactly what I’ve come to expect from your designs. I’m in total covet with the Fair Isle Cardigan!

  • http://www.myblog.de/juju julia

    Yes, thank you for that. I saw the pictures on Ravelry and bought the book, and I just ordered the yarn for the Norwegian hoddie. This ist just the sweater I’ve been meaning to knit for years and never sat down to do the math. Thank you for doing it for me!

  • http://subwayknitter.com colleen

    Well the photos are what convinced me that I needed to have that book. Without them I wouldn’t have been so sold.

  • http://physicsknits.blogspot.com connie

    Ravelry is great for many things, but it’s killer on my wallet ;) I just find myself lusting after so many things! Beautiful book. Congrats :)

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for showing the designs and congratulations .
    Your beautiful designs have always stood out for me in Interweave Knits. I am thrilled to have have just ordered your book from Amazon.
    Very Best Wishes

  • http://www.theknittingvault.com Fredda

    My book order went in last week and I can’t wait to receive it. Congratulations on beautiful, well-designed patterns and a book that I will be knitting from for years.

  • Dawn

    Veronik, Your book is really lovely (and it’s already available in Sydney, Australia). The designs are so graceful, wearable and beautifully finished, and the photography is beautiful, showing the detail that we knitters need and the style of the finished garment. And your models are beautiful, too, very elegant. I have seen several recent publications by well-known designers that initially have appeared quite striking but those books just sit on my shelf with no real plans to work anything from them, so while I looked forward to seeing your book I wondered what the designs would be like. With your book I am already planning to work the military jacket and the Vionnet-inspired top, as Madame Vionnet is my favourite designer. Congratulations on a gorgeous book.

  • Vivian

    I have your book. I received it from Amazon about three weeks ago. It is absolutely fabulous! Thank you.

  • http://babycocktails.blogspot.com thea

    I saw your book at a friend’s house and owned it within 24 hours later. Am sure the photos on Ravelry will sway more of us to do the same. I couldn’t wait. Gorgeous stuff – thanks so much for wearable, current, and knittable design! My biggest decision now is WHICH to begin first…… am thinking the Obi scarf so i can have some instant gratification… will see.

  • http://stephaniesews.blogspot.com/ stephanie

    I had to stop in and say I absolutely love your new book!! The poor thing is full of “post its” to help me look for yarn and pick which projects to start with. Great job and thank you!

  • Hera

    I love the patterns in your book! I saw the Warm Shawl pattern and I was like “I must make this for myself!” However, I have run into a problem with row 17 in pattern B for the border. It seems to be two stitches off and is missing a yo for the last row of the diamond pattern. Has anyone else run into this, and if so, how did you correct for it?

    Thanks so much,

    Hera :)