More CEY

The fresco vest wasn’t the only design for Classic Elite this fall – I also designed a little jacket (which was knit by the incomparable Wannietta) for one of CEY’s new booklets, ‘Autumn, Book 1′. It’s quite straight forward, but I tried to eliminate pocket seams as much as possible so it might read as a-stand-on-your-head-while-whistling-dixie kind of pattern, but it’s not: you just have to knit the pocket lining before starting the front so as to be able to fold it to the inside later. It just sounds complicated.
Those of you on Ravelry can find it here (is anybody not on Ravelry anymore?). Others will find close ups in my flicker photostream.

Oh, and by the way: we might spend a few hours in Boston shortly: what would you recommend we do?

  • Kate

    I love the jacket! It’s sweet but grownup. And the color you chose is pretty breathtaking.

    If you are looking for a yarn store in Boston, check out Windsor Button near Boston Common. It’s been around forever and ever (my grandma shopped there when she was in nursing school) but it’s got lots of great new yarns and quirky old notions. There are other lovely places, too, but that’s my pick for a Boston shop.

    Also, there is Shakespeare in the Park on Boston Common (this year it’s As You Like It), Sunday is the last performance.

    Great strolling neighborhoods: South End and Beacon Hill. Check out the South End Formaggio for the best cheese and delicious things around.

    Enjoy your visit!

  • Wannietta

    OMG – it’s gorgeous!!! Totally worth sorting out the pocket orientation!!!

  • Stacey

    Woolcott & Co is also a lovely yarn shop and in Harvard Square, which is a nice little area to check out.

    The website is down, but here’s the Ravelry page–co-2

  • mindy

    Oh- that’s gorgeous.

    Boston is still touchy for me- but if I could remember some of the places my brother had taken me to, I would tell you. One day I’ll go back…

  • kat

    The jacket looks great!

  • cici

    Gorgeous for sure. I like everything about it. For some reason ravelry has the wrong link to your site. I keep getting the feed page.

  • Jen

    Gorgeous jacket. It looks sophisticated but also soft and yummy. Great job!

  • Vicki Stammer

    What a beautiful jacket!

    When we were in Boston, we stayed at the Parker House. They have a spectacular brunch. Don’t miss the blintzes!

    We also stood on the spot where the Boston Massacre occurred and visited “Old Ironsides” (the ship) and found both very inspiring. Boston is a great walking town, so grab some comfy shoes and one of the maps they have everywhere and enjoy.


  • Jennifer

    It’s beautiful! I really like the detail over the diamond points in the Flickr closeup.

  • Lindsey

    That’s gorgeous!

    You should totally go to Mike’s for cannoli’s in the North End, after eating italian basically anywhere in the North End (it’s all GREAT). Windsor Button is a fabulous place to shop. Newbury Street is a great place to wander around, and there are two yarn shops- Newbury Yarns and Needlepoint and Knitting. (Newbury Yarns is way more fun, but Needlepoint and Knitting has some GORGEOUS yarns!)

    If you make it up to Salem- go to Seed Stitch. A FANTASTIC shop!!

  • Danielle

    Hmm, Boston — depends on what you want to do.
    Outside? I vote for the Boston Public Gardens. Pick up sandwiches outside the park and go for a stroll.
    Museums? The Museum of Fine Arts ( is a classic, and the Isabella Steward Garder is lovely. The Institute for (of?) Contemporary Art (ICA) has a new location — I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard that the building is stunning.
    Yarn shopping? Windsor Button or Woolcott, like others have said.
    History? The Freedom Trail (walking), Paul Revere’s House, USS Constitution, etc.
    Food? Too many things to choose from but if you like Italian, the North End is a tourist favorite.
    (Want more info on any of these or other ideas? Just email me!)

  • connie

    I went to school in Cambridge, but almost never made it into Boston. I’m insular and didn’t have a car. Still, with the T system, I don’t really have an excuse ;)

    The one place I did go to semi-frequently in Boston is the MFA (museum of fine arts) and the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. Lovely artwork. I especially love John Singer Sargent and he’s well represented at the MFA.

    Love the CE pattern and love your pattern in Twist. It looks so cozy and yet elegant – such a hallmark of your designs. Congrats :)

  • Dolly

    I LOVE YOUR SCARF ! AND THANK YOU for sharing the pattern with all of us.
    Dolly from Texas