Most of my non secret knitting is of the boring variety – like many, I keep a sock on the go in my purse*. Apart from that, personal knits aren’t usually allowed; I’m afraid that I’ll lack the discipline to work knit if there’s an alluring project calling my name. But last night, I was in a rebellious mood and cast on a private project: Muswell by my friend Jennie Eveleigh Lamond. Pictures will follow when there’s something worth photographing.

Apart from that, I’ve been told thee book is shipping. But is it? Mars ordered a copy back in June from (no dot ca; we know it takes longer for the Canadians to get books)and it still hasn’t shipped: it hasn’t even moved past the ‘open order’ stage yet. Does anyone have an actual physical copy?

*takes me forever to finish a pair, though: Mars wears a 12 and I almost work at home. Since I only work on these while away from home or work, it takes the time it takes.

  • Gudrun

    I love the little kitty you plan on making! What a cute design!
    Since I started my hand at designing I have not knit anything from someone else’s pattern but like you decided to find a small project so I could have the pleasure of not thinking/questioning too much whilst knitting! I’m going to go to amazon now and order your book…I didn’t realize it was supposed to be available….can’t wait to see it!

  • connie

    Well, I’m sorry you can’t do much personal knitting, but for purely selfish reasons, I’m happy since I love your designs :) Saw your new pictures of the book projects on ravelry and I love several. Can’t wait to get your book!

  • emily

    I love your new book! I haven’t ordered a copy yet, but the pictures on ravelry are very promising indeed. I especially like the faroe sweater and the graphic hoodie : )

  • Romi

    Muswell is adorable! I must go check out your book on Ravelry now! :)

  • kim

    I, too, saw your designs on Ravelry while searching for argyle sock patterns. I’m looking forward to the release of your book.

    I have to ask – what is that bag in the picture? I love it!!

  • Terra

    After reading in comments that the pictures from your book are on ravelry, I went to check it out.

    Wow. Fabulous. I haven’t wanted a knit design book in a long time…I’m heading over to pre-order yours right now. Wonderful.

    (I’m trying not to expose myself as the dork that I am and gush about how much I admire your designs. Ok, so I just did that. But I do. Admire your designs. A lot.)

  • Wannietta

    I hear ya & can totally commiserate. A plain pair of socks can take a couple of months – heck, I’m still on my February RSC socks! But I love my work so I cherish my socks all the more.
    Kerwyn doesn’t get hand knit socks – his feet are too big, he’s too hard on his socks and he would want them plain. Ugh!

  • Isa

    I ordered on amazon, com, on the 20th of August and it is supposed to be delivered by September 6. I can’t stress enough how much I love what you design Véronik. I only wish there was a way to get your previous creations. Couldn’t they be available on line for example ?
    Thanks for your work !

  • carolyn

    i got a copy at barnes & noble in chicago on tuesday (8/25) afternoon. it’s awesome!! :)