Respite from the cold

Having just experienced this (although it was only -25 Celsius/-13 Fahrenheit… it had been -34 Celsius/-29 Fahrenheit a few days before), I think you can understand how glad I was to come upon this scene a few days later:

I like taking photographs very much, but I don’t have much interest in documenting anything. So I have few photographs of places I’ve visited, events I’ve attended, etc – or at least, any recognizable ones since my preferences lean towards the ‘image’ over the chronicle.

Nevertheless, I did organize my latest ‘travel’ pics: Quebec City’s here, while Florence is here. I even got to spend the afternoon in Milan – those reside here.

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  1. Kylie 8 years ago

    Loved the photos- especially the ones of the show in Florence. It’s amazing what people are doing with knitting now.

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