So, that’s what 6 mm needles are for

The lacy hair tamers are back! In fact, I’m wearing the barrette as I type.

The Bear Claw blanket and the Shimmer Aran are next. And something brand new, too. Tell me, though – is there an old pattern pattern of mine you’d like to see reknit?

  • Carol

    Anything and everything, please.

  • alison

    Pretty! And I would’ve said the Bear Claw Blanket, so there you go.

  • CN

    Just got your book and love it. I want to make the beret and the gloves and fingerless first. (Love how you put them on top of each other in the picture so want to do both. When learning that method of knitting (fair isle / intarsia?) can you recommend an instruction booklet? I am good with instructions but hate classes. Also love the cat you are making. What yarn are you using? I have a gray and a black cat and a granddaughter that will flip. Hmmm…bear claw blanket…I can hardly wait. Would love a vest, too. Thx for taking the time.

  • mindy

    Oh, just do them all! If you don’t get to it, I may try to…

  • Isa

    It is so nice to see your “shop” taking off. Congratulations! I have seen some pictures of older patterns that I really would like to be able to get : Victoria tank and Polka purl dots. I am looking forward for Shimmer Aran in the meantime. Thanks for asking!
    And by the way, you’re definitely in my top 10 favorite site/blog to visit!

  • Laura

    I would love to see the Three-Penny sweater again. I love that sweater. Could it be done with a single yarn (i.e. not a yarn held double)?

  • Cristina

    I’d love to see the cache-coeur from Weekend Knitting adapted for a yarn that’s available now.