Wow. I guess there are more than 8 of you reading this blog! Either that or everybody googled Mountain Colors at once.

My birthday is coming up soon, so Mars took me to the museum yesterday for the preview of the Yves St-Laurent retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I really wish I could have taken more photographs – the exhibition catalogue looks good but there are no close up shots in any of it, and I often find the details more interesting than the whole. Some of these were just amazing – a beaded jacket made to look like a knitted cardigan, a dress whose abundant ruffles were neatly edged with a narrow zigzag stitches, a brightly wedding jacket suit with insets proclaiming ‘love me forever’… Mesmerizing. The wedding dress above was one of the few knitted items in the collection, but I still think visiting it is worthwhile to anyone interested construction and embellishment. I’m going back next week with my daughter, when there will be a screening of a documentary about YSL.

By the way, are any of you planning to attend TNNA? If so, please drop by the R&M West Coast Enterprises booth (# 100) on Saturday at 11 am. I’ll be signing copies of KCS and would love to say hi!

  • woolcat

    I’m sure there are more than 8 of us reading! But not always commenting. I thought that wedding dress was a Pharaoh suit at first! But wow, the show sounds amazing.

  • Jordan

    Of course there are more than 8 of us reading! You are a famous sweater designer. My google reader says that 138 people subscribe to your blog feed.

    Ok, I just de-lurked to say that:)

  • Jen

    yep, I usually lurk more than comment, too–

    And I don’t use Google Reader, so might that add to the number?

  • mindy

    Hmmmm, maybe I should try that yarn give away thing…
    Unfortunately, no TNNA this year, but definitely next year. Have fun, and you and C. give each other hugs from me.

  • Amy

    Wow, that’s a wedding dress? It’s nice to know that someone’s paying attention. :)

  • Jane in London

    It looks terribly snuggly, that dress ~x~

  • Deborah Bourque

    It is kind of weird reading this today, as he died today. He was such a huge influence in fashion and now he is gone. I hope you enjoy the TNNA!

  • Marie

    What a stunning exhibition! Thank you for sharing a pic of it.