My husband and daughter are much better at celebrating holidays than I am. She spends days or even weeks before making all her cards, and he leaps at every opportunity to spoil us. No chocolate, thankfully: a dvd of Angels in America directed by Mike Nichols. I can’t wait to start watching it tonight.

I also had a surprise in the mail last week:

It’s Silk Twist from Hand Maiden in the Paris colorway as well as a gorgeous, dark plum semi-solid (click for close up) I’m not exactly sure what I’ll make with it yet, but I’m leaning in favor of a combination of lace and stranded colorwork. I have a while to think about it, though – there are three sweaters to get out the door first, and one of them is very mean to me…


  1. Christie 7 years ago

    Angels is America is soooooo good. I adore Jeffrey Wright. Best actor period.

    Happy Valentine’s day! What wonderful gifts!

  2. jane 7 years ago

    At least yummie yarn doesn’t have those silly calories attached. Those are fabu colours.

  3. Andrea 7 years ago

    Fabulous gifts. Much better than chocolate.

  4. mindy 7 years ago

    I really hate it when sweaters get mean…I’ve been working on one that is giving me wrinkles. That is great yarn.

  5. connie 7 years ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Veronik! I’m sorry a sweater is being mean to you. Want me to beat it up for you? ;) Thanks for the *eye* candy Handmaiden shot. Mmmmm….

  6. Silverilix 7 years ago

    Wow, that is beautiful! Have fun planning a project…. can’t wait to see what you choose

  7. A sweater being mean?! No, say it isn’t so! (Sorry to hear it, Veronik.)

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