Terry Fox Run 2012

Quick post: my daughter Oona is participating in the Terry Fox Run this year. In order to help her raise her objective, I’m running a contest – anyone who donates anything over $5 will be entered in a draw for a sweater’s  worth of St-Denis Sommet (15 balls!) in the colour of the winner’s choice. Second prize will consist of a kit to knit this little Terry teddy bear as well as the magazine containing the pattern. Here is Oona’s page:


Thank you and good luck!

ETA: don’t forget to send me an email or to leave a comment if you donate – I know how to reach a couple of the donors so far, but not all. And I certainly don’t know how to reach ‘anonynous’!


  1. Savannagal 2 years ago

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Thanks to Oona for participating in this fundraiser. I’ve made my donation and hope she reaches her goal.

  2. tracey 2 years ago

    Hope Oona meets her goal. I made a donation too.

  3. Laura 2 years ago

    Good luck to Oona! I’ve made a donation to support the cause.

  4. Sarah R 2 years ago

    I donated. It’s a wonderful cause. But mostly I donated because I love your daughter’s name. Just call me shallow.

  5. Tania Deleva 2 years ago

    Hope Oona meets her goal. What a wonderful cause! That’s why I donated.

  6. Candice Fehrman 2 years ago

    Good luck, Oona! I’ve donated as well. : )

  7. Kay 2 years ago

    Good luck! Looks like you’re getting close to making the goal for a good cause.

  8. Angela 2 years ago

    I’ve donated as well and I hope you reach your goal Oona.

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