I’ve been reading with great interest what everyone has been up to over the holidays, as well as all the resolutions out there. Ours was good, even if it was a little short, and we were a little sorry to see the tree go once ‘La fête des Rois’ had come and gone. I’m a little sorry we skipped baking a ‘galette’, especially after I found the paper crown a few days later.

I did take a few days off, but only a few: I’ve been working on a number of patterns for books and magazines, as well as for myself. The first – the pattern for the wallpaper mittens I made before christmas – just went up today. The shawl collared pullover will follow, as well as an updated ‘Shimmer Aran’ from the summer 2003 issue of Interweave Knits. Do let me know if there are any older patterns you’d like to see me update…

On a closing note, check out what Marcel gave me for Christmas:

The ultimate needle gauge! Am I geeky, or what?

  • http://www.whatswanniettaknittingtoday.blogspot.co Wannietta

    A digital micrometer – my gadget-itis is starting to flare up!!

  • Laura

    Must. Have. Techno. Needle. Gauge. Thingy.

  • http://chronicennui.typepad.com kim

    Oooh! Thank you! I had been hoping you’d post this pattern. I love them!

  • Marisa

    My boyfriend came home with the very same thing (actually, the exact SAME ONE) for me a while ago… I’d been talking about how much easier it would make my life and he listened!

    But we’re engineers, and have an excuse to be so nerdy :)

  • http://shadowdancer.typepad.com/blog Helen

    I love the needle gauge!
    Clearly, a trip to Home Depot or Lowes or whatever it’s called is in order. I love knit-shopping in hardware stores!

  • mindy

    He’s so cool! (and great mittens btw)

  • http://teamknit.blogspot.com Julie

    The mitts are gorgeous! There is something so simple and elegant about black and white. And as for your fancy needle gauge- that means your needles is veeery slightly off!

  • http://www.veronikavery.com Veronik

    It appears that most of my needles are very slightly off; I spent Xmas morning measuring my needles (why, yes – my life is that consistently exciting) and some were unacceptably off. I mean, really: the nerve of labeling a 1.84mm needle a 0! ; )

  • http://www.okc.typepad.com Beverly

    I love the mittens! Very cute. The needle gauge thingy is so cool! Now you will know just how close the needle manufacturers really are. By the way, I made Beret Gaufre as a Christmas gift and it was very well received! Thanks for a great pattern. It’s on my blog at: http://okc.typepad.com/bevs_projects/2007/12/coming-along.html

    Sorry! I don’t know how to do HTML in comments.

  • http://www.goknitinyourhat.blogspot.com Carol

    Yep, this post proves why you are my idol. (1) the mittens; and (2) the needle gauge.


  • http://www.rose-kim.com/rose-kim.com Jessica

    I took a class from Myrna Stahman and she also used a digital set of calipers to gauge her needles. I was wishing I had one yesterday in the midst of swatching hell.

  • http://www.shadesofshetland.blogspot.com Anne

    I use my “geeky gauge thingie” to measure my swatches also — set at 10 cm and take a photo of the swatch – then I can look at the photo zoom in and count my gauge easily (great for fine gauge knitting).

  • http://outofthethicket.blogspot.com/ Emma

    Wow that is intense! I feel so amateur ;)
    I enjoy the swatch it is on.

  • http://physicsknits.blogspot.com connie

    Congrats on launching your self published pattern soon to be self publishing empire I’m sure :) The mittens are beautiful.

    And yay to the husband for understanding that knitters can be quite geeky too! ;)

  • Toby Wollin

    Ah – the answer to the maddening thought that I have needles that are labeled the same size and seem to go through the standard needle gauge hole in the same place…but when I knit with them, hehe…not so much. (note to self; time to put “high tech digital micrometer” on the gift list for DH who, as a techy person who actually took shop in high school AND enjoyed it, will certainly appreciate my need for such a thing since the needle manufacturers seem to be so slipshod)

  • http://scrubberbum.typepad.com julia fc

    ooooh, love the gadget. And mittens are politically important, I always say, for the visibility factor. Socks are great, but the muggles don’t care about hand knit socks because they. can’t. see. them.
    Up with mittens!

  • Maggie

    Thank you for the pattern – I was ready for another mittern pattern to knit!

  • =Tamar

    A digital micrometer that goes down to hundredths of a mm! Must. Buy.
    I’ve spent hours trying to sort my collection of antique needles. The needle gauges disagree with each other, and even the finest needle gauges doesn’t distinguish sufficiently.

    Nice mittens, too.

  • Patty

    Speaking of patterns, I love the top down sweaters, I just would like them in larger sizes.

  • http://knitflix.blogspot.com Janice

    Lovely mittens–I’ve added them to my to-do list.

    BTW, you’ve received an award–visit http://knitflix.blogspot.com/2008/01/you-make-my-day.html for more info. Have a great day!

  • http://musclemomknits.typepad.com/knitting_musclemom/ Manon

    May I ask you where you bought this digital micrometer? I went today to Home Depot (I live in Toronto) to find one and they looked at me like I came from Mars. I think it’s a brilliant idea — I need one, but I don’t know where to find it!
    I do really like your mitten pattern, by the way.
    And we had so many galette des Rois here, that I’m okay until next January. See, now, even in Toronto, we find at least six bakeries that prepare galettes every year, and we sample one of each to find out which one is the best. Then I go to the gym every day to burn off the calories earned during the research and testing…